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About Us

The driving force for PPSHA is to provide excellent service and to support the sustainability of the Scheme by managing the claims ratio optimally. This is done by applying scheme, benefit and tariff rules properly.

At the same time clinical risk management is based on outcomes-based protocols, which ensures that members receive the treatment and care that they need. The purpose of a medical scheme is to provide for the healthcare needs of members when they need it most. The Administrator’s role is to eliminate waste by applying the rules and protocols.

Our business is medical scheme administration and clinical risk management. We therefore believe in an arms-length relationship with our client schemes. At the same time, we offer strategic input and advice to the Board of Trustees without interfering with the fiduciary responsibilities of the Board.

Management information is key to ensure appropriate decision making. Clinical, financial and operational reports are made available to the Scheme empowering the Board of Trustees and Scheme Management. Our data warehouse capability enables us to accurately provide tailor-made information suited to each client’s unique requirements.

Our Culture

As a service-oriented company, the quality of service is directly related to the employees’ competencies. Our culture of respect and endorsement of ordinary people, capable of doing extraordinary things, produce dedicated PPS Healthcare staff. Our PPS Healthcare philosophy promotes a culture of responsibility and accountability within each business unit. Continuous learning is necessary to develop a pipeline of future managers and is closely aligned to PPS Healthcare’s employment equity and succession plans.

PPS Healthcare has an informal culture and we believe in rewarding our people fairly and offer competitive and flexible benefits.


To provide the best Healthcare Administration and Risk Management services to ensure sustainable healthcare.


Our professional team provides stakeholder success to our business partners by integrating best of breed technology. We utilise the personal relationship principle when interacting with our client scheme’s members. The PPSHA team, system and processes contribute to the sustainability of our client medical schemes.