Other Value-Added Services

PPS Healthcare Administrators offers a variety of value adding and tailor-made solutions to our clients. These services will be shared upon request.

PPSHA is constantly tracking the key trends in the healthcare industry. We are always looking for ways to support our Schemes as they navigate through regulatory failure, supplier induced demand, fragmented care, competing with dominant big brands, the evolution of consumer choice, the fight for the young and healthy, economic downturn and the fast pace of digitisation. With PPSHA being part of the bigger PPS group, we can offer technology and financial service provider (FSP) solutions to our Schemes and this has helped our Schemes to remain competitive.

PPSHA also recognises the importance of:

  • providing a responsive service
  • having value based as opposed to transactional engagements
  • delivering what members need when they need it
  • taking a member journey view and delivering a delightful, caring experience
  • always going the extra mile

Some of our recent innovation have been:


A flexible, intelligent savings account that lets you control how much you save, and extends your medical scheme benefits. Unlike traditional medical savings accounts (MSA’s), PPS WALLET gives members the flexibility to choose how much you want to save each month, starting from R300 per month.

The PPS WALLET is a new-to-market, independent savings account that is separate from your medical scheme contributions.


To help members manage medical expense shortfalls, and to ensure members can rest easy knowing they are covered.