Professional Provident Society Healthcare Administrators (PPSHA) provides the full bouquet of administration services, as described per service offering below.

PPSHA believes that service excellence is about taking an integrated approach to business, that puts the customer at the centre of everything it does. Several different processes and teams were coordinated and aligned, within our organisation, to ensure that there is a synergistic approach to delivering the impact we desire. Each area within our business plays a unique role in enabling PPSHA to deliver the levels of customer service excellence which elevate our clients above their competitors, in the healthcare sector.

The private banking model has been designed to differentiate the service offered to members. Our consultants are brand ambassadors for the Scheme, as they are the first point of contact with members. They work tirelessly to ensure fast, effortless, efficient and personalised service. Our progress is tracked through our first-time call resolution.

There is a strong focus on soft skills training eg. EQ training, which is an ongoing program that focuses on the use of empathy, vocal tone, word usage and building trust with the member. This process is implemented throughout all the operational areas of the business.

PPSHA is accredited for and offers the following Administration Services :

  • Client Services
  • Membership and Contribution Management
  • Claims Management
  • Document Management
  • Operational Finance Management
  • Scheme Management

PPS Healthcare Administrators is an authorised financial services provider:

FSP Number 51910