PPS Holding Company

Professional Provident Society Healthcare Administrators (PPSHA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Professional Provident Society Insurance Company Limited (PPS).
PPS is recognised as a company of value and integrity by professionals that know, PPS is there for them and their families through every life stage – from graduation to retirement and beyond.

Because PPS embraces the ethos of mutuality, it exists solely for the benefit of its members. Members exclusively share in the profits of PPS while enjoying world-class benefits. This profit-sharing incentive is a unique differentiator that elevates the value proposition of the PPS offering compared to its competitors. This means that qualifying members with life insurance can exclusively share in the profits of the PPS Group, through the unique PPS Profit-Share Account.

Although it is now an uncommon practice in financial services, mutuality is what defines PPS. This takes us back to the original roots of insurance and to the true purpose of the insurance industry. PPS is not listed on any stock exchange, therefore we have no external shareholders who receive dividends. Our members with qualifying PPS insurance products benefit directly from our profits through their dedicated Profit-Share Accounts. Mutuality is at the heart of PPS and is in our DNA. It permeates every aspect of our business and is fundamental to our success. We invest profits and investment returns on behalf of our members, taking a long-term view of wealth creation. Irrespective of the claims our members may make, returns accumulate in their individual Profit Share Accounts and vest free of tax (as it is already taxed within the policy) on retirement from the age of 60 or at the time of death. This is a unique feature in the South African insurance sector and there is no benefit to rival it.


PPS was founded by a group of dentists who realised that if any of them were to suffer from an illness that kept them from work, their earnings could be severely affected. To protect themselves, they started a society where everybody contributed. These funds would be used to help any member through a period of illness. With this shared value, PPS soon grew to include other like-minded professionals